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Celebrate your local rivers by particpating in or organizing a river cleaup. See more at the American Rivers website!

Watershed Institute -

Designed for watershed coordinators, staff and volunteers, the Watershed Institute provides on-line, one-stop training for professional development.


Classroom to Careers - Professional Development Opportunity -

Are you an educator with 5 or less years of experience teaching science to students in grades K-8? Do you currently work in a school district or after-school setting?  This program is for you!



Water Education Workshop for Educators -

We invite formal and non-formal teachers to join us at Montana Environmental Educators Assocation (MEEA) Conference! Acquire new tools to educate your students about the most precious resource on the planet: water. Learn how to monitor water quality and understand why it's important.  Please see flyer for details or contact Stephanie McGinnis for details at mcginnis@montana.edu or 406-994-6425.



Montana Watercourse is a statewide water education program that supports water resource decision making and stewardship by providing neutral and comprehensive information, resources, tools and education to all water users. We are housed on the Montana State University Campus in Bozeman, Montana, and are part of the Montana Water Center.

Montana Watercourse supports your local efforts through:

- Co-sponsorship of water resource seminars
- Workshops and trainings on water topics
- Volunteer water monitoring training for communities and schools
- Assistance with local water education program development
- Publications and guides on water resource and watershed topics
- Teaching trunks filled with interactive water resource activities
- Educator workshops, trainings and tours using Project WET and other curricula and materials

Learn more about how to give, get involved and stay informed.

One way to stay informed is to sharpen you knowledge of our nation's water quality.  See how "aqua-smart" you are by taking the Clean Water Quiz.

Check out the National Atlas Streamer Map to view upstream and downstream reaches of our country's rivers!

If you are interested in a program, please call or email us!  





Montana State University
  1. MSU Web Site
  2. Montana Water Center

Montana Watercourse Partners
  1. Department of Natural Resources & Conservation
  2. MT Department of Environmental Quality
  3. Montana Watershed Coordination Council
  4. Montana Association of Conservation Districts
  5. MSU Extension Water Quality
  6. Montana Wetlands Legacy
  7. Montana Wetland Council
  8. Watershed Education Network (WEN)
  9. Montana Youth Restoration Partnership
  10. River Network



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