Water Information for Educators

Students learn about water quality of Bozeman Creek.

The Montana Watercourse offers tours, trunks, workshops, festivals, and professional development opportunities for K-12 educators, non-formal educators, naturalists, troop leaders and any other water user.

Montana Watercourse offers a variety of exciting programs. If you are interested in a program listed below, or have a unique idea you would like us to help you with, please call or email us!

Program 1: Water curriculum development.  Topics may include quality, quantity, surface water, ground water, or riparian areas. 

Program 2: Teacher and/or student-initiated service learning projects.

Program 3: World Water Monitoring Days (WWMD), River Cleanup Campaigns, custom designed mentorship programs.

Program 4: Water monitoring trainings for teachers of new and existing student monitoring groups.  Includes introdution to data repository.

Program 5: Water Summit for Students and Teachers.

Program 6: Workshops, festivals, outdoor days, field trips, and other such learning opportunities.

Program 7: Watershed tours to highlight your service-learning project or reinforce watershed concepts.


Why Water?

Learn about enhancing education through water-related subjects here.

Water Summit

Montana Watercourse’s annual Water Summit brings together teachers, students and experts from around the state to network and share ideas about Montana’s water quality. Educators and students alike engage in real-world learning experiences. These hands-on opportunities empower a new generation of citizens with the tools and knowledge to protect vital waters.

Previous year’s Water Summit participants learned about a beaver’s role in riparian areas, explored the chemical and physical parameters of local waterways, presented results of student-led water quality investigations, learned watershed mapping, investigated macroinvertebrate communities, and discovered the benefits of riparian vegetation in controlling stream bank erosion.


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